Problem solving with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Arduino and Raspberry Pi, the Problem Solving microcomputers of the Future

When it comes to programming, your creativity is the only limit. In the world we are living today where everything is becoming “Internet-friendly” and, simple things like our phones, cars, and even our houses are transforming to embedded devices.

Now, when we talk about “embedded devices” we mean that, as the years pass by, more things are evolving or adapting to the internet. It first happened with the computers, then with phones, video consoles, cars, etc. How knows what next or where is programming going to take us?

Arduino and Raspberry Pi are among those controller boards, microcontrollers or microprocessor (however you want to call them), that are doing just that. Making us innovate, create, and advance technologically speaking.

At the beginning of programming, it was really difficult to create something new. With the appearance of this controller boards, these tasks have become easier and affordable for everybody giving a boost to programming and innovation itself.

The Importance and Impact of Arduino and Raspberry Pi

What makes the Arduino and Raspberry Pi so useful and convenient is that they are effective, easy to use, affordable and can be used for multiple tasks. However, you might be wondering which one is better, the answers depend on what you are using the controller board for.

Regardless of what are the specifications and components of each one, you have to first know what you are planning to do with them. Both can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

The Arduino, is considered a “microcontroller” which means its components are better for monitoring things, motors, sensors, etc. on the other hand, Raspberry Pi is considered a “microprocessor” which mean it works better to process things like video and cameras, graphic interfaces and even complex math.

Among the benefits of these two programming devices, you can find:


Both Arduino and Raspberry Pi are very easy to use for beginners and advanced programmers. There are plenty of models from which you can select and, they are ready to use.

Big Community

These brands are the most famous in the market for programming, so their communities are pretty large which means you can ask is you get stuck or even get guides on how to use them.


You don’t need a big budget to get one of these computers. They are very affordable and, considering the plenty of things you can do with them, are totally worth it.


Programming is the best part of it but making many tasks and solving many problems with this little devices is what makes them great.

How can Arduino and Raspberry Pi Get into the IT?

The Information Technology, also known as IT, is basically the computers app to transmit, store, manipulate and recover information or data. Arduino and Raspberry can help you do just that in the way you like.

With the help of these microcomputers, you have the ability to make your own programs in the way you like the most, and control all the data you want. It is, in fact, really helpful for companies, business and regular people to have the possibility of doing that.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi can be connected to the internet where the information you want can be stored in a cloud. This way, you can keep your data safer due to the program you have designed to manipulate your information.

Nowadays, the use of microcomputers to manipulate data in business, telecommunications, electronics, computer services, and even in e-commerce is really common. So, not only microcomputers are good for IT, they are already making the change.

How are They Used to Solve Problems “STEAM Education”?

In order to know if microcomputers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi can help us not only by making projects, tinkering, and work but to change the way we learn and teach. We have to understand what STEAM education stands for.

STEAM education it differs from traditional education because it focuses more on science, engineering, arts, technology, and math. So, unlike the traditional education system, in the STEAM education system has to be included the new technologies, scientific researches, and advances in general.

This type of education is relatively new and, every day, more included in schools and universities all around the world. Now, a great and affordable way to support STEAM education to teach everything it proposes, the microcomputers are just perfect.

In fact, just in the United Kingdom (where Raspberry Pi was created), thousands of Raspberry Pi units have been given to the schools in order for teachers to “change” the way they teach using it. The use of microcomputers in the education of kids is a way to prepare them for the future where everything, as mentioned before, is adapting to the internet.

It is also a way to encourage kids to make their own projects and maybe create something new that can help other people change their lives or even help them solve problems. All of this thanks to the use of microcomputers, which are believed that, is going to change the way we learn and work in a near future.

What else are programming and microcomputers good for?

At the beginning, it was mentioned that the only limit was your imagination when it comes to programming. With the use of an Arduino microcontroller or Raspberry Pi microprocessor and the help of LCD readout, a sensor, and plenty more inputs and outputs, you can make unimaginable things.

Most modern robots, security systems, and car surveillance systems work with the use of them. You can make up your own program to solve whatever problem you want and with a great comfort.

For example, with an Arduino, you can build a secure system for your room door that you can activate or deactivate from your phone. With a Raspberry Pi, you can make a video game or even create your own video console.

These are just some of the uses and examples of programming and microcomputers.

On the other hand, with a working web server, you can use your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to create a web application that will run in the browser. Keep in mind that you have to connect and set LED pins to outputs to turn on and off, and, to code the app. You will need an HTML page that is going to contain the interface, a JavaScript to manage the commands, and finally, a PHP file to link the Arduino board.

Being said that, we can understand how important and beneficial these microcomputers can be if we put our imaginations to work. Every day there are more people creating programs and sharing solutions throughout the world with the usage of these devices.

So, as the time goes by and the technology advances in the fast and radically way is doing it today, we are probably going to be able to control everything with programs and devices created by ourselves.

However, for this to happen it might take a while because there are a lot of people who don’t know about this and as the STEAM education system spread out in the world completely it might take years. The truth is that this is going and is already changing the way we learn, work, socialize, and even live.